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Anne Frank

Anne Frank & Me

The Pocket Community Theatre

Anne Frank & Me
Written by: Cherie Bennett
Directed by: Christi Day
Performance Dates: March 1st and 2nd (7:00 PM) and March 3rd (2:00 PM)

This multiple national award-winning American classic, which was a hit in New York, is about the awakening of a modern teen Holocaust denier. Nicole Burns doubts the truth and cares even less, but ultimately comes face to face with the hell of the Holocaust, and—in an extraordinary sequence—meets Anne Frank on a cattle car to Auschwitz. We start out with Nicole in today’s teen world of MTV. Hip-hop dancing, unfinished homework assignments, and young love are all transported with her to Nazi-occupied Paris, 1942 to 1944, and then are brought forward again to the light and hope of the present.

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