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Seeing Stars in Dixie 2016 Last Modified: Tuesday, December 13, 2016
Presented on Our Main Stage
Seeing Stars in Dixie
By Ron Osborne.
A Live Theater Production of the Classic Romantic Comedy.
Directed by Thomas Cooper.
Rating: Mild Adult Themes

Performance Dates:
June 2016

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From Samuel French:

It's 1956 and Hollywood has arrived in Natchez, Mississippi with its brightest stars to film Raintree County. Meanwhile at Clemmie's, a Natchez tea room, the widowed proprietor who has a fascination with movies and a secret admirer, oversees her own cast of characters: Tootie, her take charge friend; Jo Beth, a former beauty queen; Glease, a man more comfortable with women than macho men, and Marjorie, an unethical social climber. Competition for a small role in the movie brings out the best and worst of these memorable characters. Twists, turns and revelations lead Clemmie to trade a moment of fame for love and the chance to impact the lives of people dear to her. "A warm, funny play...hilarious, heart-warming, sassy Southern comedy...a standing ovation." - Asheville Citizen-Times "Offers jolly good fun...tightly crafted dialogue delivers a chuckle a minute." - Starkville Daily News Originally produced at the Sonoma County Repertory Theatre in Sebastopol, California.

Published by Samuel French.

Our Director Tom Cooper

Jan McKillip as Clemmie

Julie LaRue as Tootie

Role Actor
Clemmie: Jan McKillip
Julie: Julie LaRue
Glease: Rafael Bernardo Gayol
JoBeth: Tami Pultz
Marjorie: Joan Huddleston
Production Staff
Director: Thomas Cooper
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Jennifer (Nif) Julian

Our Crew
Set Design/Decorator: Tami Pultz
Set Construction: Harvie Arington
Sound Design: Steve Robinson
Light Design: Thomas Griffin
Light/Sound Technician: Garrett Brenneman
Props/Wardrobe: Cast
Publicity: Ann Wilson
Gene Forsyth
Program: Leigh Griffin
Neil Richardson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Photography: John Lukas
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Rafael Bernardo Gayol as Glease

Tami Pultz as JoBeth

Joan Huddleston as Marjorie

Assistant Director Jennifer Julian

Light/Sound Technician Garrett Brennerman

Special Thanks from the director to Grace Clowers for helping out with her movie star swag and Barbara Morgan for her many contributions to the production.

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