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In Memory of Robert L. Simpson
May 2016
Robert L. Simpson, age 64, of Hot Springs died Monday May 23 2016 in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Everyone who knew Robert knew that The Pocket Theatre was very important to him. He had been involved in this organization for over 20 years. The people who volunteer here, the people who support the theatre in any way, the people who attend the shows...were all like family to him.

And...the actors...we looked to him for guidance, for support, for reassuance...and, yes, sometimes to even apply a little duct tape to a costume from time-to-time.

And he was one of the most familiar faces at the theatre. Whether he was in the front office or wearing the headset during a production, Robert was always at center stage at The Pocket.

Quite a few people have recently made memorials to the theatre honoring Robert Simpson and many others have asked about doing so.

If you have questions about making such a donation, please contact The Pocket at or call 501.623.8585.

To mail a memorial donation, send to:

The Pocket Community Theatre
Robert Simpson Memorial
PO Box 20577
Hot Springs, AR 71903-0577

Yes, we are missing Robert, but we know he has a front row seat now and we all have our very special memories of the twinkle in his eye and...the grin...there was always that grin!

Hannibal in 1999's The Curious Savage

Ben Silverman in 1999's The Sunshine Boys

Mr. Witherspoon in 2001's Arsenic and Old Lace

Clive in 2002's Something's Afoot