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Crossing Delancey 2016 Last Modified: Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Presented on Our Main Stage
Crossing Delancey
By Susan Sandler.
A Live Theater Production of a poignant Comedy.
Directed by Mary Hill.
Rating: PG

Performance Dates:
February 2016

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From Samuel French:

Isabel is a modern young woman who lives alone and works in a book shop. When she is not pining after a handsome author, she is visiting her grandmother (Bubbe) in Manhattan's Lower East Side. This irascible granny and her friend the matchmaker have found a "good catch" for Isabel, whose initial reluctance gives way to a blossoming romance when she finally meets Sam, the pickle vendor as the end of the play offers a new beginning. "An amusing romance that tells its unpretentious story believably, rarely trying to make its gag lines, of which there are many, upstage its narration or outshine its heart." - The New York Times "A warm and loving addition to the growing body of Jewish dramatic work in this country." - Jewish Post and Opinion

Published by Samuel French.

Director Mary Hill

Grace Clowers as Isabelle

In order of appearance:
In order of appearance
Role Actor
Isabelle: Grace Clowers
Bubbie: Barbara Morgan
Hanna: Kari Bars
Tyler: Thomas Cooper
Sam: Chad Parsons
Delivery Person: Shelby Bars
Production Staff
Director: Mary Hill
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson

Our Crew
Set Construction: Harvie Arington
Set Decoration: Leigh Griffin
Light Design: Thomas Griffin
Nick Griffin
Erin Griffin
Light Technician: Leigh Griffin
Sound Technician: Steve Robinson
Wardrobe: Barbara Morgan and Cast
Makeup: Cast
Props: Tina Cooper
Shelby Bars
Publicity: Ann Wilson
Gene Forsyth
Programs: Leigh Griffin
Neil Richardson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chairman:
Keith Scott
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Photography: John Lukas
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Barbara Morgan as Bubbie

Kari Bars as Hannah

Thomas Cooper as Tyler

Chad Parsons as Sam

Shelby Bars as Delivery Person

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Sherwin-Williams Hot Springs
Hot Springy Dingy
Tom Cooper and Alliance Business Machines
Bill Hall Printers
The Pocket Community Theatre Board of Directors
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The Arkansas Times
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