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2 Across 2016 Last Modified: Friday, May 06, 2016
Presented on Our Main Stage
2 Across
By Jerry Mayer.
A Live Theater Production of a poignant Dramatic Comedy.
Directed by Linda Rickel.
Rating: This is an adult comedy with mild content.

Performance Dates:
April 2016

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From Samuel French:

Two strangers, a man and a woman (late 40's to middle 50's) board a San Francisco BART train at 4:30 AM. They're alone in the car, each is married, both are doing the New York Times crossword. She's an organized, sensible, psychologist. He's a free spirited, unemployed ad exec. She is a crossword pro, he always quits. When he tosses his puzzle away, she snaps, "Crosswords are a metaphor for life, those who finish, succeed, those who don't, fail." Now he vows to finish. Why? He's a competitor and she happens to be lovely. This starts an 80 minute ride described by critics as "Hilarious," "Witty," "Romantic," "Poignant," "Wonderfully entertaining." Two opposites in an enclosed space, attacking each other's values but also being swayed and intrigued by them. They each have serious life problems that the other helps them solve. Their trip is filled with unpredictable but believable surprises, even a passionate kissing embrace or two. As the train ride ends it's obvious each of them has been changed for the better. And we're all dying to know if these two will meet again?

"Must see play of the year. Witty. Mesmerizing." - Beverly Hills Lookout

"A charming, character driven comedy strives to entertain and succeeds admirably." - Recommended by the Los Angeles Times

"A rich theatrical piece...A fascinating 80 minutes in which light banter turns to raw emotion...creates a tone that perfectly underscores both the comic and dramatic elements of this suprisingly memorable play... 2 ACROSS is a must see...Play of the year." - Los Angeles Weekly

"Hilarious, smart, witty dialogue that never flags and two believable charismatic characters...Mesmerizing." - Beverly Hills Outlook

"We had to stop laughing to hear the next line...The plays asks us to think, then think again. It's entertainment with revelation...Excellent timing." - The Santa Monica Observer

"...a bright, witty, poignant and deceptively simple play about two emotional and supposedly mature people... Intriguing plot twists and surprises... Sparkling, confrontational dialogue." - Palisadian Post

"Combining all the elements of wit, humor and drama... 2 ACROSS is a winner for its warmth, romance, intelligence and consistent humor." -

Published by Samuel French.

Director Linda Rickel

Ann Wilson as Janet

Kevin Day as Josh

Role Actor
Janet: Ann Wilson
Josh: Kevin Day
Voice: Gene Forsyth
Production Staff
Director: Linda Rickel
Assistant Director: Pam Palis-Kalisz

Our Crew
Set Construction: Harvie Arington
Set Decoration: Ann Wilson
Barbara Morgan
Linda Rickel
Harvie Arington
Light Design: Mary Hill
Light Technician: Steve Robinson
Sound Technician: Steve Robinson
Wardrobe: Cast
Makeup: Cast
Props: Cast
Publicity: Ann Wilson
Gene Forsyth
Programs: Leigh Griffin
Neil Richardson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Photography: John Lukas
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Gene Forsyth as Voice: Gene had this picture professionally taken so he could audition for the role as the Voice just momements after leaving the service. Stars were in his eyes and hope in his heart. Tell me that he isn't a dead ringer for Audie Murphy!

Voice: Gene hard at work in our technical booth, learning the intricacies of his first speaking part for the Pocket. But, the long hours are taking their toll.

Voice: Gene at home with a friend after the last performance, recovering from the cast party. Gene is the one sitting in the chair.

Sound and Light Technician Steve Robinson

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Sherwin-Williams Hot Springs
Hot Springy Dingy
Tom Cooper and Alliance Business Machines
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The Pocket Community Theatre Board of Directors
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