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Four Weddings and An Elvis 2014 Last Modified: Saturday, November 15, 2014
Presented on Our Main Stage
Four Weddings and An Elvis
By Nancy Frick.
A Live Theater Production of a Screechingly Funny Comedy.
Directed by Linda Rickel.
Rating: General Audiences

Performance Dates:
August 2014

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Synopsis: From Samuel French:

Sandy, the four-times-married-three-times-divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, has certainly seen her fair share of matrimonies! In the hilarious Four Weddings and an Elvis, we witness four of her funniest: Bev and Stan, who are getting married--by the King himself--as revenge on their exes; Vanessa and Bryce, two arrogant aging stars who are tying the knot as a publicity ploy, and are vexed by an aging Elvis who doesn't know who they are; and Martin and Fiona, a gentle postal-worker and a tough ex-con trying to get married before the police arrive! However, the final wedding is the funniest all: Sandy’s fifth and final wedding which reveals a hilarious twist! With simple scenic requirements and memorable characters, Four Weddings and an Elvis is a comedic treat certain to please audiences!

Four Weddings and an Elvis premiered at the Center for the Arts Community Theater (C4ACT) in Homer, New York in April 2010 under the direction of Carl Moses.

"Come enjoy four acts of love...or something like it. What happens in Las hilarious!" - Eventful

"Laughter abounded throughout the play on opening night.... Not only were expectations met, they were exceeded!" - Montgomery Media

"Screechingly funny!" - Phillyfun Journal

Published by Baker's Plays.

Director Linda Rickel

Barbara Morgan as Sandy

Tami Pultz as Bev

Kyle Acosta as Stan

Adrian Hinojosa as Elvis (John)

Role Actor
Sandy: Barbara Morgan
Bev: Tami Pultz
Stan/Movie Producer: Kyle Acosta
John: Adrian Hinojosa
Lou: Jerry Longinotti
Vanessa: Ann Wilson
Bryce: Kevin Day
Marvin: Garrett Brenneman
Fiona: Daphne Willis
Fist: Josh Drake
Special Performances By:
Caleb Conrad
Happy Feet Cloggers
Production Staff
Director: Linda Rickel
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson

Our Crew
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Jackie Stuelke
Set Design: Barbara Morgan
Linda Rickel
Tami Pultz
Set Construction: Harvie Arington
Set Painting: Cast
Set Dressing: Cast
Props: Cast
Lighting Design: Mary Hill
Lighting Installation
Harvie Arington:
Mary Hill
Sound Design: Garrett Brenneman
Light/Sound Booth: Ty Hansen
Mark Albrecht
Chip Hightower
Programs: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Ann Wilson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chair: Steve Burns
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Leigh Griffin
Photography: John Lukas
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Jerry Longinotti as Lou

Ann Wilson as Vanessa

Kevin Day as Bryce

Garrett Brenneman as Marvin

Daphne Willis as Fiona

Josh Drake as Fist

The Happy Feet Cloggers

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