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Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?) 2012 Last Modified: Friday, November 16, 2012
Presented on Our Main Stage
Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?)
By Del Shores.
Directed by Rebecca Manion.
PG-13, Mature Content & Language

Performance Dates:
September and October 2012

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From Samuel French:

"Set in a small Texas town in anytime, U.S.A., Daddy's Dyin' concerns the reunion of a family gathered to await the imminent death of their patriarch, who has recently suffered a physically as well as mentally disabling stroke. In essence, however, it is not the story of the impending demise of the father or of the drafting of his will, but of a rebirth of the spirit of the family unit. Without becoming ponderous, losing a sense of humor or pandering to timeworn cliches about Texans or Texas drawls, the story shares many elements of a good summer novel: it's a fast, delicious, easy read with funny moments, tense moments, touching moments, and characters you care about." - The Hollywood Reporter

"A masterful comedy." - Variety

"A well written piece of mainstream theatre that's consistently funny and occasionally touching." - The Los Angeles Times

"A knockout." - L.A. Weekly

Published by Samuel French.

Lauren Hardin as Sara Lee Turnover

Tracy Cochran as Lurlene Turnover Rogers

Sherryl Watkins as Mama Wheelis

Cast of characters in order of appearance:
Role Actor
Sara Lee Turnover: Lauren Hardin
Lurlene Turnover Rogers: Tracy Cochran
Mama Wheelis: Sherryl Watkins
Evalita Turnover: Nicole Amonette
Harmony Rhodes: Chris Powers
Buford Turnover: Tom Cooper
Orville Turnover: Kevin Day
Marlene Turnover: Amy Green-Young
Production Staff
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Director: Rebecca Manion
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Stephanie Ouimet
Assistant Stage Manager: Karina Martinez

Our Crew
Set Designer: Michael McGehee
Set Construction: Thomas Cooper
Harvie Arington
Walter Dodson
Stephanie Ouimet
Light Designer: Zach Powers
Light Technician: Stephanie Ouimet
Sound Designer/Technician: Wood Hightower
Set Decorator: Stephanie Ouimet
Nicole Amonette
Judea Jackson
Prop Manager: Madison Kilby
Maddy Coker
Costumes, Hair, Make-up: Judea Jackson
Crew: Stephanie Ouimet
Judea Jackson
Wood Hightower
Madison Kilby
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Judea Jackson
Programs: Neil Richardson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chair: Steve Burns
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Photography: Rebecca Manion
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Harvie Arington
Nicole Amonette as Evalita Turnover

Chris Powers as Harmony Rhodes

Tom Cooper as Buford Turnover

Kevin Day as Orville Turnover

Amy Green-Young as Marlene Turnover

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