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All the King's Women 2012 Last Modified: Wednesday, January 16, 2013
A Pocket Extra!
All the King's Women
By Luigi Jannuzzi.
Directed by Linda Rickel and Robert Simpson.
General Audiences

Performance Dates:
August 2012

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From Samuel French:

The story of Elvis Presley told through the eyes of 17 Women! Some Enthralled! Some Appalled, ALL OBSESSED! A fast paced series of 5 comedic plays and 3 monologues based on the Life of Elvis Presley. From Tupelo Mississippi where 11 year old Elvis wanted a BB Gun instead of a guitar, to The Steve Allen Show, from President Richard Nixon’s office, to Andy Warhol’s studio, from Cadillac Salesmen, to Graceland guards, this is a touching, bring-the-family comedy with a heart that captures the effects that fame, generosity & just being a nice guy can bring to others!

"Perfect Monologues" - Outer Critics Circle

"Jannuzzi has a good ear for the periods and for his characters allowing his actors to show range. The point is perhaps not so much about Elvis per se, but instead these scenes reveal snapshots of an American culture, people, and place." -

"His plays unfold in such an intimate and genuine way. He writes about Elvis Presley fans with educated and unconventional twists." -

"Bravo. Much Applause." - Mario Fratti

"Jannuzzi worked with his biographical and dramatic material with smooth transitions and captivating creativity." -

"In a nearly chronological order, the stand-alone scenes take place between the 1940s and the present day. Each scene is listed in the program with a date and location, driving home the point that these characters and situations are best understood within the context of their period." -

Published by Samuel French.

Co-Director Linda Rickel

Pat Alpe

Diann Arington

Barbara Morgan

Jake Tillman

Sherryl Watkins

Scene Actor
One Tupelo Saleswoman:
January 1946, Tupelo, Mississippi
Barbara Morgan
The Censor And The King:
June 1956, New York, New York
Marti McWilliams
Julie Zimmerman
Diann Arington
AM In The Garden With A God:
January 1967, Memphis, Tennessee
Amber Westgate
When Nixon Met Elvis:
December 1970, Washington D.C.
Marti McWilliams
Pat Alpe
Diann Arington
Pink Cadillacs and God:
November 1976, Memphis, Tennessee
Julie Zimmerman
Sherryl Watkins
Barbara Morgan
One Private Guard:
August 1977, Memphis, Tennessee
Sherryl Watkins
Leaving Graceland:
Present Day, Memphis, Tennessee
Amber Westgate
Jake Tillman
Barbara Morgan
Zach Brown, Caleb Conrad, and Jacson Victorian
Card girl:
Alyssa Westgate
Production Staff
Producer: Ann Wilson
Director: Linda Rickel and Robert Simpson
Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson

Our Crew
Set Design: Linda Rickel
Set Construction: Walter Dodson
Sound & Light Technician: Thomas Cooper
Set Decorator: Cast
Makeup: Cast
Prop Manager: Cast
Publicity: Ann Wilson
Programs: Neil Richardson

Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chair: Steve Burns
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Photography: Gail Brown
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Walter Dodson
Amber Westgate

Zach Brown as Heartthrob Elvis

Caleb Conrad as Army Elvis

Jackson Victorian as Early Elvis

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From One Tupelo Saleswoman (Monologue):

Interlude, with Music:

From The Censor And The King:

From AM In The Garden With A God (Monologue):

Interlude, with Background:

From When Nixon Met Elvis:

Interlude, with Dancing:

From Pink Cadillacs and God:

Interlude, with Music:

From One Private Guard:

Interlude, with Music:

From Leaving Graceland: