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The Best Times of the Heart 2011 Last Modified: Friday, May 06, 2011
A Pocket Extra!
The Best Times of the Heart
Produced by Barbara Morgan.
A series of four one act plays, directed by Karina Martinez, Ann Wilson, Katie Garner, and Linda Rickel.

Performance Dates:
March 2011

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Program Description:

A series of four one-act plays showcasing new directors. The plays, both funny and poignant, offer insightful glimpses into courtship and other affairs of the heart. This is a special fund raising event, and not part of the normal season ticket package.

Eve and Adam: The Untold Story
By Rich Orloff.
Directed by Ann Wilson.

From the producer:

God is a woman. Eve is the first human being. Eve thinks that it will be easy to follow God's advice to "just enjoy life and be happy" - that is, until Adam shows up, a real party animal with only one thing on his mind.

"Genuine fun that can't help being contagious." - The Honolulu Advertiser

"Riotous" --Miami Herald

Published by Playscripts, Inc..

The M Word
By Alan Ball.
Directed by Linda Rickel.

From Dramatists Play Service:

In THE M WORD two ambitious executives decide that they are good for each other and proceed to negotiate a future together. As they're so caught up in the corporate lifestyle, this truly is a negotiation and in the end, they agree to "merge."

"The one act plays by Georgia playwright Alan Ball are comic gems." —Tad Simmons, Twin Cities Reader.

"[Ball] demonstrates a painfully lethal awareness of the convoluted games our generation has been consigned to play after we decided 20 years ago that we wouldn't play any more games." —David Kaufman, Downtown.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.

A Blooming of Ivy
By Garry Williams.
Directed by Katie Garner.

From Playscripts, Inc.:

Ivy Taylor, a widow of twenty years, and George Thomas, a widower for a year, have always been farm neighbors and friends. But one spring morning George awakens to the sound of Ivy's tractor, and realizes that this is the first morning he hasn't "woken up mad" since his wife died. He spruces up a bit and pays Ivy a call...

"Garry Williams' A Blooming of Ivy is a sweet, tender, funny piece about the unexpected possibility of late-in-life love." --Christine Dolan, The Miami Herald

Published by Playscripts, Inc..

Find Me a Primitive Man
By Rich Orloff.
Directed by Karina Martinez.

From the producer:

A woman who mourns her incredibly bad luck in men - in her opinion, they're all Neanderthals - opens the door to her latest blind date and finds a real live caveman. Her first impulse is to kick him out, but then...

"A side-splitting new comedy. You'll ache from non-stop laughing." - Show Business Weekly

Published by Playscripts, Inc..

Currently, there are no pictures available for this performance. If you have any pictures, digital or photographs, for this performance that you would be willing to loan for a short period, so that they could be copied and then installed on the web, send an email to Thanks!

Role Actor
Eve and Adam: The Untold Story
Narrator: Ann Wilson
God: Linda Rickel
Eve: Miranda Hood Brewer
Adam: Thomas Griffin
The M Word
Female Executive: Barbara Morgan
Male Executive: Tom Cooper
A Blooming of Ivy
Ivy Taylor: Ann Wilson
George Thomas: Tom Cooper
Find Me a Primitive Man
Woman: Miranda Hood Brewer
Caveman: Cameron Jones
Our Crew
The entire company worked together on all aspects of crew work. Special thanks go to Mary Hill for her assistance in set design and lighting design and to Walter Dodson for his help with set construction and lighting.
Pocket Community Theatre Staff
Production Committee Chair: Cate Thornton
Treasurer: Robert L. Simpson
Office: Margaret Forsyth
Graphic Arts: Neil Richardson
Photography: Renee Burns
Webmaster: John Lukas
Building Maintenance: Walter Dodson
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Programs: Neil Richardson
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