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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Last Modified: Tuesday, October 30, 2012
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
by Elizabeth Fuller Chapman
dramatized from the story by L. Frank Baum
Directed by Marti McWilliams
October 2009


From the Samuel French Publishing Company, et. al.:

Dorothy is a schoolgirl living in Kansas with family and her little dog, Toto. One afternoon, a twister sucks up Dorothy's house and she and Toto are dropped beyond the rainbow into Munchkinland. With a pair of magical red slippers and some advice from Glinda the Good Witch, Dorothy, Toto and three new friends--the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Cowardly Lion--follow the yellow brick road to the Emerald City, where they must ask the all-powerful Wizard of Oz to get Dorothy and Toto back home. The Wicked Witch, however, is determined to get her hands on the slippers, and sends out her flying monkeys to capture the group--as if you needed to know any of this. In the end, each receives his dearest wish after the long journey.

All the songs from the classic MGM movie musical including:

  • Over The Rainbow
  • Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead
  • If I Only Had a Brain
  • We're Off to See the Wizard
  • If I Were King of The Forest
  • The Jitterbug
  • Munchkinland
  • The Merry Old Land of Oz
  • Optimistic Voices
Published by Samuel French.


In 1904, struggling novelist Frank L. Baum finally achieved success with his children's fantasy The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written to inspire his daughter through a difficult illness.

Thirteen sequels to Oz followed to the delight of readers everywhere. In 1911, a stage production of the original work appeared. For almost 100 years, some version of the story has been repeated in theatrical form around the world!

Then, in 1939, an MGM movie opened starring Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, and Bert Lahr, featuring an unforgettable musical score. Garland's winsome performance and emotion-filled vocals contributed to the film's iconic status.

Our production blends highlights of Baum's masterpiece with musical selections from the movie. Over 60 of your friends and neighbors, including participants of our summer Wizard's Bootcamp, have worked hard to transport you to the Land of Oz. Pocket Theatre favorites and brand new Hot Springs residents invite you to "follow the yellow brick road" to meet THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ. ENJOY!

Your Directors,
Marti McWilliams - Cate Martin - Marilyn Linde

This production is underwritten by NPMC

Jerry Longinotti as Uncle Henry and Cate Martin as Antie Em Kaitlyn_Wyre as Dorothy

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December Ensminger as Dorothy Helen Parker as Scarecrow Tom Cooper as TinMan Steve Burns as The Cowardly Lion Linda Rickel as The Wicked Witch Ali Fahad and Madelyn McCutcheon as Toto Sarah Burns as Melinda Christian Boekhout as Mayor of the Munchkins
Role Actor
Uncle: Jerry
Uncle Henry: Jerry Longinotti
Aunt Em: Cate Martin
Dorothy: Kaitlyn Wyre
Slim/Scarecrow: Helen Parker
Rusty/Tin Man: Tom Cooper
Leo/Cowardly Lion: Steve Burns
Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch: Linda Rickel
Toto: Ali Fahad
Madelyn McCutcheon
Melinda, Good Witch of the North: Sarah Burns
Mayor of Munchkins: Christian Boekhout
Coroner: Zach Brown
Munchkin 1: Nathan Gaut
Munchkin 2: Presley Hamric
Guardians of the Gate: Skylar Wood
Jackson Victorian
Oz: Fred Hunter
Beautiful Lady: Kari Bars
Oz's Monster: Zach Brown
China Doll Princess: Kodie Brown
Hateful the Mini-Witch: Sophie Rudder
Glinda, Good Witch of the South: Jennifer Goff
Twister Girls Dance Captains: Rachel Brittain
Torry Farnell
Twister Girls: Peyton Hamric
Madison Wyre
December Ensminger
Courtney Porter
Sophie Rudder
Ainsley Burch-Cook
Munchkins: Christian Boekhout
Zachary Brown
Nathan Gaut
Peyton Garner
Sydney Bars
Shelby Bars
Presley Hamric
Hattie Anne Douglas
Caitlynn Porter
Amelia Martin
Elena McClintock
Emerald City Citizens: Ainsley Burch-Cook
Zachary Brown
Diane Darcus
Rachel Brittain
Peyton Hamric
Olivia Green
Torry Farnell
Flying Monkeys: Eli Fahad
Christian Boekhout
Nathan Gaut
Elena McClintock
Zach Brown
Peyton Garner
Nick Griffin
Glinda's Court: Erin Griffin
Peyton Hamric
Presley Hamric
Amelia Martin
Sophie Rudder
Elena McClintock
Understudies: December Ensminger
Sophie Rudder
Sarah Burns
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Director: Marti McWilliams
Assistant Directors: Cate Martin
Marilyn Linde
Stage Managers: Catherine Flanagin
Robert Simpson
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Technical Director/Special Effects: Walter Dodson
Choreographer: Andrea Pierkowski
Lights: Walter Dodson
Zach Powers
Sound: Trent Works
Set Design: April Turpin
Jon McWilliams
Costumes: Linda Rickel and the families of the cast
Hair and Makeup: Robin Brown
Wendy Harris
Props: Marily Linde
Lynn Tillman
Special Projects: Tom Cooper
April Turpin
Mark Britton
Jerry and Jacqui Longinotti
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Jackie Stuelke
Newsletter: Ann Wilson
Margaret Forsyth
Box Office: Margaret Forsyth
Programs: Bill and Barbara White
Artwork: Neil Richardson
Photography: Renee Burns
Webmaster: John Lukas
Additional Scenes by Marti McWilliams and Catherine Flanagin
Zach Brown as The Coroner Nathan_Gaut as Munchkin 1 Presley Hamric as Munchkin 2 Skylar Wood as Guardian of the Gate Jackson Victorian as Guardian of the Gate
Fred Hunter as Oz Kari Bars as The Beautiful Lady OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO:
National Park Medical Center for underwrighting this production

Steve Burns
Braun Eye Clinic, Hot Springs
Alliance Business Systems
Nearly New, Hot Springs
Star Trax, Hot Springs
Kandra Perkins
Steven Gravis
Pam Davis
Hot Springy Dingy
Personal Fitness
Ann Cornelison
All Our Friends and Families!

Our apologies to anyone whose name was inadvertantly omitted. A special thanks to all of those who have worked so hard to make Pocket Theatre the success it is!!
Kodie Brown as The China Doll Princess
Sophie Rudder as Hateful the Mini-Witch
Jennifer Goff as Glinda, Good Witch of the South
The Twister Girls
The Munchkins
Emerald City Citizens
Flying Monkeys
Glinda's Court