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Moving Violations; Seven One-Act Plays 2009 Last Modified: Monday, September 21, 2009


Moving Violations; Seven One-Act Plays
August 2009

DMV Tyrant
by Christopher Durang

A man goes to a woman clerk at the Division of Motor Vehicles and tries to get his license renewed with infuriating results.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.

Relative Strangers
by Sheri Wilner

A young airline passenger decides that the woman seated next to her might be the mother she never had. She finds an ally in a wacky stewardess who, unlike the reluctant mother figure, believes these two passengers are a match made in heaven.

Published by Playscripts, Inc..

Victoria Station
by Harlold Pinter

A brilliantly funny yet eerily chilling dialogue between a bewildered taxi driver (who may have gone mad) and the exasperated dispatcher who is trying, without success, to direct him to a waiting fare. The driver, doesn't seem to know his own location, much less that of Victoria Station.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.

The DMV One
by Nick Zagone

A man tries to renew his driver's license but finds resistance in a prying woman who may be trying to pick him up. Should he play along?

Published by

It's Not You
by Craig Pospisil

Sure, friends drift apart. But generally they don't announce that they're "breaking up" with you. Especially not when you're riding downtown on the A train. Natalie's friends, on the other hand, think it's the perfect place to make a clean break.

Published by Playscripts, Inc..

by David Smilow

Two couples ride along in a car trying to have a conversation but there may be someone following them! Is it the driver's past come back to haunt him or is it just someone who won't turn off their brights?

Publisher unknown.

Love on the B-Line
by Adam Kraar

A couple wait for the B-line train at 2am. He's fed up with the ride. She refuses to stay over. Will she say or will he go?

Publisher unknown.

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In alphabetical order
Amella Alter Sara Burns
Dee Dee Duplantis Tommy Hampton
Miranda Hood-Brewer Jacob Houpt
Cameron Jones Barbara Morgan
Marissa Meyer Chris Powers
Mirand Price Twyla Troutman
Liz Turner Joshua Williams
Our Crew
Producer: Chris Powers
Director: Chris Powers
Sound Design: Zak Powers
Set Design: Chris Powers
Set Construction: Josh Williams
Chris Powers
Light/Sound Board Operation: Zak Powers
Set Painters: Josh Williams
Dee Dee Duplantis
Chris Powers
Graffiti Art: Chris Powers
Program Design: Chris Powers
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