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The Dumb Waiter Last Modified: Sunday, February 08, 2009
The Dumb Waiter
by Harold Pinter
Directed by Barry Benning
November 2008


From the Dramatists Play Service:

One of Off-Broadway's most successful entries (where it was presented with The Collection under the overall title of The Pinter Plays) this mysterious and moody study in suspense concerns two professional killers who wait apprehensively in a grubby, windowless basement room for word of their next macabre assignment.

From the New York World-Telegram & Sun:

In the basement of a long-abandoned restaurant, two hired killers nervously await their next assignment. Barred from daylight and living public contact by the nature of their work, they expend their waiting time in bickering. So eerie is the situation that everything becomes comic, or grotesque, or both. Ben re- reading a newspaper and exclaiming in disbelief over the news items, Gus fussing with an offstage stove and offstage plumbing. Ben bludgeoning Gus into silence if he as much as mentions their work. Gus worrying that someone had slept in his bed. So then the ancient dumbwaiter comes to life, the suspense becomes almost unbearable-that expertly has Pinter put the nerves of his characters and audience on edge.

"THE DUMB WAITER is a suspense play, mysterious almost mystic." -NY World-Telegram & Sun.

"a distinguished gift for sheer, old-fashioned theatrical effectiveness, including the use of melodramatic suspense and the hint of sinister forces lying in ambush." -NY Post.

From the Directors:

The Dumb Waiter Dictionary
  • lorry - a truck
  • crockery - dishes, earthenware
  • biscuit - a cookie
  • kip - a nap
  • pong - a bad smell
  • rollmop - a herring fillet rolled around onion slices and pickled
  • watercress - perennial herb used as a peppery salad green or garnish

  • Published by Dramatists Play Service.

    Role Actor
    Gus: Chris Powers
    Ben: Josh Williams
    Our Crew
    Director: Chris Powers and
    Josh Williams
    Assistant Director: Barry Benning
    Run Crew: Barry Benning
    Construction: Walter Dodson
    Sound Design: Zak Powers