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Writer's Blocks 2007 Last Modified: Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Downstairs at the Pocket
Writers' Blocks
Directed by Barbara Morgan

Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson
by Rich Orloff


From Playscripts, Inc.:

An instructor lectures on the craft of playwriting, using two live examples: a would-be jumper on the edge of a ledge, and a would-be Good Samaritan trying to save him. But after being paused and replayed one too many times, these two characters rise up and revolt against both the instructor and the rules of playwriting itself...

Published by Playscripts, Inc..
For Anne
by Peter Gruen


From Samuel French:

This play evokes genuine sentiment. An elderly couple is cleaning out the attic before moving out of the house they have lived in for decades. They discover things that neither wanted the other to know: before marrying her, he intercepted a letter of rejection from a poetry editor and substituted a letter of praise. He had the poem privately printed and inserted into a book. We are astonished to learn that she knew all along.

Published by Samuel French.
by Jeffrey Hatcher
by James Prideaux


From Dramatists Play Service:

For thirty years Margaret and Leonardo have sat each day at adjoining desks, writing postcards to famous people, without ever getting any answers. Having run out of live personages to write to they decide to address their cards to the famous dead—but, suddenly, much to their consternation, a reply does arrive. Its effect is shattering, and brings on a poignant revelation of the unspoken feelings which have, through all the years, lay dormant beneath the calm surface of their very correct relationship.

Perceptive, funny, warm-hearted, this engaging short play holds the unique distinction of having been successfully presented on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway.

"…touching and entertaining." —NY Newsday.

"…charming." —NY Post.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.
October-November 2007

This was our first Downstairs at the Pocket production.

Currently, there are no pictures available for this performance. If you have any pictures, digital or photographs, for this performance that you would be willing to loan for a short period, so that they could be copied and then installed on the web, send an email to Thanks!

Playwriting 101: The Rooftop Lesson
The Jumper: Marilyn Linde
The Good Samaritan: Chris Biagini
The Teacher: Mary Hill
For Anne
Anne: Linda Rickel
Peter: Jerry Longinotti
Brett: Ann Wilson
J: Mary Hill
Saskia: Barbara Morgan
Margaret: Ann Wilson
Leonard: Chris Biagini
Our Crew
Director: Barbara Morgan
Webmaster: John Lukas