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Mere Mortals 2007 Last Modified: Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Mere Mortals: Six One-Act Comedies
by David Ives
Directed by Chris Powers and Joshua Williams
July 2007


From the Dramatists Play Service:

Act One:

In FOREPLAY OR: THE ART OF THE FUGUE, we find Chuck, a self-styled Don Juan, and his girlfriend on a date at the miniature golf course. When they move to the second hole, a slightly older Chuck II appears with another date. Finally, Chuck III, now in his late thirties, arrives with a young date. His latest date doesn't get his jokes, and worse, she's beating him at golf.

MERE MORTALS eavesdrops on a lunch hour on a girder 50 stories over the street, as three construction workers share increasingly amazing secrets of their past.

In TIME FLIES, two lonely but sweet young mayflies meet at a pond and really hit it off. Unfortunately, Horace and May watch a nature program on this first night out and discover they have a lifespan of only one day—and their lives are half over.

Act Two:

SPEED-THE-PLAY is a crash-course send-up of David Mamet, presenting the complete works of the master of scatological dialogue in just under eight, male-bonding minutes.

In DR. FRITZ, Vaudeville reigns as an American tourist in pain seeks medical help from a wacky souvenir seller named Maria who channels an even wackier German surgeon named Dr. Ringsvwandl. The comedy steps up when the doctor recommends an operation.

THE PHILIDELPHIA presents a young man in a restaurant who has fallen into "a Philidelphia", a Twilight Zone-like state in which he cannot get anything he asks for. His only way out of the dilemma? To ask for the opposite of what he wants.

This critically acclaimed evening of comedies combines satire, wit, hilarity and intellect—a winning combination.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.

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