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"The Homecoming" Last Modified: Monday, November 17, 2008
"The Homecoming"
by Christopher Sergel
from the book by Earl Hamner, Jr.
Directed by Marti McWilliams
December, 2006
Known on television as The Waltons, they're called The Spencers in the original book, which is how they're named here. The time is the Great Depression and the large Spencer family, living at the foot of a Virginia mountain, is struggling hard just to survive. With his father having to take the only available job a long way from home, Clay-Boy is stuck with unusual responsibility for his brothers and sisters. Just reaching manhood, Clay-Boy has a secret yearning that's quite extraordinary for the practical, earth-bound community in which he lives. He wants to write! Such foolishness is utterly foreign to his hardworking father, who tells him to prepare to become a responsible man to build a home and raise a family. Clay-Boy could explode with frustration at his inability to communicate with this man that he admires most. He is also worried because his father is already long overdue in getting home. In the climax, the father makes it just as they are in despair about him. He brings a special gift for his son, a gift that reveals unexpected understanding and the strength of a loving family. tax.

Published by Dramatic Publishing Company

~The Family~
Clay-Boy Spencer: Jon Sanders
Olivia Spencer: Tami Pultz
Clay Spencer: Joshua Drake
Matt Spencer: Matthew Redix
Becky Spencer: Sarah Burns
Mark Spencer: Matthew Pultz
Shirley Spencer: Madison Kelso
Luke Spencer: Andrew Proctor
John Spencer: Preston Leonard
Patti Cake Spencer: Kathryn Jane Garner
Grandpa Homer: Chris Biagini
Grandma Ida: Linda Rickel
BirdShot: Rachel Glaze
City Ladies: Diann Byers,
and Pat Alpe
Charlie Sneed: Steve Burns
Sheriff: Jerry Longinotti
Ike Godsey: Thomas Clark
Rev. Dooley: Ray Thrash
Mrs. Dooley: Sheilah Thrash
Miss Emma Staples: Sherryl Watkins
Miss Etta Staples: Karla Parker Ross
                  ~Nativity Scene~
Young Joseph: Joe Pultz
Young Mary: Grace Drake
Angels: Kate Webb,
Payton Hamric,
Sophie Rudder,
Emily Peterman,
and Grace Nyberg
Wise Men/Sheperds: Eli Fahad, Anthony Peterman, Dale Grimm
Townspeople: Emily Tucker, Teri Smith, Renee Burns, Elyssa Trotter, Ashton Robinson
Understudies: Teri Smith, Elyssa Trotter, Steve Burns
Our Crew
Director: Marti McWilliams
Assistant Director: Linda Rickel
Stage Manager: Bryan Runion
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Set Decor: Barbara Morgan
Stage Crew: Cast, Christine Broyles
Props: Teri Smith, Margaret Redix, Cast and Crew
Wardrobe: Linda Rickel, Cast and Crew
Set Construction: Mark Britton, Walter Dodson, Karla Ross
Lights/Sound: Jon McWilliams, Walter Dodson
Concessions: Kristi Clark
House: Margaret Forsyth, Peggy Socias
Box Office: Peggy Socias
Graphics & Digital Photography: Tom & Kristi Clark
Publicity: Jackie Stuelke, Gene Forsyth, Tom Clark
Strike and Cleanup: Steve Burns, Cast and Crew
Program Cover Design: Tom Clark
Program: Barbara & Bill White
Webmaster: Tom Clark & John Lukas

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