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Murder by Natural Causes Last Modified: Thursday, December 04, 2008
Murder by Natural Causes
adapted by Tim Kelly
from the Richard Levinson
and William Link television play
Directed by Thomas Clark
May 2005
Arthur Sinclair is a world renown mind reader. Yet he doesn't seem to realize his wife is having an affair, and plotting with her young lover to kill him!

From Dramatic Publishing :
Here's a stylish and witty suspense play that originally starred Hal Holbrook, Katherine Ross and Barry Bostwick. It combines laughter with thrills and delivers what mystery fans love most—taut suspense with an ingenious plot. Arthur Sinclair is a successful world-famous metalist in the tradition of Dunninger. His beautiful wife Allison plots his murder for the commonest of all motives—greed. She enlists the aid of a struggling young actor. Her foolproof murder plan cannot possibly misfire as it's too skillfully inventive—or is it? After all, Arthur (as everyone knows) has psychic gifts. But does he? Once the killing scheme is set in motion, the plot begins to twist and turn. Nothing is as it seems. Is mind reading possible? Can the future be foretold? Just when the audience figures out what will happen next, there is an unexpected shock to complicate matters in an amusing and scary fashion. The mystery builds to an exciting climax with a devilish puzzle that will keep the audience on the edge of its collective seat. It will take all of your mental powers to solve this wildly clever and entertaining thriller.

Published by Samuel French, Inc.

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Gil Weston: Marshall Watts
Allison Sinclair: Kristi Clark
Arthur Sinclair: Blake Erickson
George Brubaker: Jack Larsen
Jessica Prescott: Courtney Regen
Marta: Sherryl Watkins
Edna (Eddie) Oakman *: Karla Parker Ross,
Jan McKillip
Mrs. Carrington: Linda Rickel
* Edna (Eddie) Oakman will be played by Jan McKillip the second weekend due to illness in the household of Karla Parker Ross.
Director: Thomas Clark
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Lights/Sound: Dave McKillip
Props: Mary Hill and
Ann Wilson
Costumes: Linda Rickel,
and the Cast
Set Design: Mark Britton,
Thomas Clark,
and Bill Schuler
Set Dressing: Jan McKillip,
Kristi Clark,
Thomas Clark,
Bill Schuler,
and Karla Parker Ross
Set Construction: Mark Britton,
Jim Cunningham,
Ray Johnson,
Mary Jane Cunningham,
Bob Stout,
Dave Cambell,
Jan McKillip,
Dave McKillip,
and Nyle Cearlock
Publicity: Gene Forsyth,
Margaret Forsyth,
Ray Johnson,
Thomas Clark,
and Karla Parker Ross
Box Office: Margaret Forsyth
and her wonderful volunteers
Acknowledgements & Thanks
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Dunninger and Kreskin Posters: Karla Parker Ross
Program Printing: Hot Springs Printing
Media: Jerry Jones,
KQUS radio,
KLAZ radio,
KVRE radio,
KZNG radio,
KALR radio,
Resort TV Cable (Ch. 5),
Hot Springs Village Voice,
The Sentinel-Record,
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Arts Central,
The Springs Magazine,
The Malvern Dialy Record,
The Daily Siftings Herald (Arkadelphia),
and Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion
Digital Photography: Kristi Clark and
Thomas Clark