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"Playing the Palace" Last Modified: Tuesday, October 28, 2008
"Playing the Palace"
by June Walker Rogers
Directed by Don Russell
July 2004
From Dramatic Publishing:
Everybody wanted to play the Palace. It represented glamour and excitement and home to the greatest talent of its day. All that remains is an empty theatre and its "ghost light," which gives a glow that is a constant reminder of the stars who performed on its stage. Rosie and her friends are determined to restore the Palace to its former splendor, but they must find a way to stop the developers who want to tear it down and build a condominium in its place. Join in the fun—sing and dance to the greatest songs associated with stars like Eva Tanguay, "I Don't Care"; Joe Howard, "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now?"; Nora Bayes, "Shine on Harvest Moon"; George M. Cohan, "Give My Regards to Broadway"—and help Rosie make her dream come true.

Published by Dramatic Publishing, Inc.

Currently, there are no pictures available for this performance. If you have any pictures, digital or photographs, for this performance that you would be willing to loan for a short period, so that they could be copied and then installed on the web, send an email to Thanks!
John Allen: Ron Petti
Randy Kelly: Jarrod Smith
Bill Bailey Burns: Bill Schuler
Rosie O'Grady: Karla Parker Ross
Mary: Susan Richardson
Sally: Dawn Russell, *
and Micheala Solise
Ida: Christine deMeo
George M. Cohan: Blake Smith
Nora Bayes: Sheilah Thrash
Jack Norworth: John Crawford
Kevin: Blake Smith
Daisy Bell Allen: Daisy McDonald
Mr. Van Cleef: Chris Biagini
Chorus: Scott Thrash,
Micheala Solise,
Rachel Scott,
and Kevin Casey
* Sally will be played by Micheala Solise the second weekend due an injury to Dawn Russell.
Director: Don Russell
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Lights/Sound: Walter Dodson
Props: Mary Hill and
Ann Wilson
Costumes: Linda Rickel,
and the Cast
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Dressing: Jan McKillip,
Kristi Clark,
Thomas Clark,
Bill Schuler,
and Karla Parker Ross
Set Construction: Mark Britton,
Jim Cunningham,
Ray Johnson,
Mary Jane Cunningham,
Bob Stout,
Dave Cambell,
Jan McKillip,
Dave McKillip,
and Nyle Cearlock
Publicity: Gene Forsyth,
Margaret Forsyth,
Ray Johnson,
Thomas Clark,
and Karla Parker Ross
Box Office: Margaret Forsyth
and her wonderful volunteers
Acknowledgements & Thanks
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Dunninger and Kreskin Posters: Karla Parker Ross
Program Printing: Hot Springs Printing
Media: Jerry Jones,
KQUS radio,
KLAZ radio,
KVRE radio,
KZNG radio,
KALR radio,
Resort TV Cable (Ch. 5),
Hot Springs Village Voice,
The Sentinel-Record,
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Arts Central,
The Springs Magazine,
The Malvern Dialy Record,
The Daily Siftings Herald (Arkadelphia),
and Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion
Digital Photography: Kristi Clark and
Thomas Clark