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"The Miracle Worker" Last Modified: Sunday, October 05, 2008
"The Miracle Worker"
by William Gibson
Directed by Mary Hill
May 2004
The Miracle Worker is the true story of Helen Keller, a young girl who loses her sight, hearing and speech, and her remarkable governess Annie Sullivan. Together, these two extraordinary people work courageously to overcome unbeatable odds in a true test of the human spirit. Their legacy stands as a testament to the belief that miracles do happen, and their story has become a symbol of hope for people all over the world.

For more information about the play, Helen Keller, Annie Sullivan, or blindness and deafness, please visit the following web sites:

Published by Samuel French, Inc.

Annie Sullivan: Karla Ross
Helen Keller *: Erin Kandlbinder,
and Madison Kelso
Kate Keller: Kip Waldo
Captain Keller: Joe Ross
James Keller: Aaron Holt
Aunt Ev: Rissa Shearer
Viney: Sherryl Watkins
Beulah: Pat Wheeler
Martha: Julia Ross
Prissy: Tia Terry
Mr. Anagnos: Jim Cunningham
Blind Girls: Monica Norman
Noel Wheeler
Tia Terry
Madison Kelso
Doctor: Thomas Clark
* The role of Helen Keller was shared by Erin Kandlbinder and Madison Kelso. Erin Kandlbinder performed the first weekend as Helen Keller. Madison Kelso performed the first weekend as a blind girl, and the second weekend as Helen Keller.
Director: Mary Hill
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Lights/Sound: Dave McKillip
Props: Mary Hill and
Ann Wilson
Costumes: Linda Rickel,
and the Cast
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Dressing: Jan McKillip,
Kristi Clark,
Thomas Clark,
Bill Schuler,
and Karla Parker Ross
Set Construction: Mark Britton,
Jim Cunningham,
Ray Johnson,
Mary Jane Cunningham,
Bob Stout,
Dave Cambell,
Jan McKillip,
Dave McKillip,
and Nyle Cearlock
Publicity: Gene Forsyth,
Margaret Forsyth,
Ray Johnson,
Thomas Clark,
and Karla Parker Ross
Box Office: Margaret Forsyth
and her wonderful volunteers

Acknowledgements & Thanks
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Dunninger and Kreskin Posters: Karla Parker Ross
Program Printing: Hot Springs Printing
Media: Jerry Jones,
KQUS radio,
KLAZ radio,
KVRE radio,
KZNG radio,
KALR radio,
Resort TV Cable (Ch. 5),
Hot Springs Village Voice,
The Sentinel-Record,
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Arts Central,
The Springs Magazine,
The Malvern Dialy Record,
The Daily Siftings Herald (Arkadelphia),
and Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion
Digital Photography: Kristi Clark and
Thomas Clark