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"Anne Frank and Me" Last Modified: Thursday, December 11, 2008
"Anne Frank and Me"
by Cherie Bennett
Directed by Thomas Clark
October 2004
From Dramatic Publishing, Inc.:
This multiple national award-winning new American classic, which was a hit in New York, is about the awakening of a modern teen Holocaust denier. Nicole Burns doubts the truth and cares even less, but ultimately comes face-to-face with the hell of the Holocaust, and—in an extraordinary sequence—meets Anne Frank on a cattle car to Auschwitz. We start out with Nicole in today's teen world of MTV. Hip-hop dancing, unfinished homework assignments, and young love are all transported with her to Nazi-occupied Paris, 1942-44, and then are brought forward again to the light and hope of the present.
"Remarkable. As heartbreaking as it is ingenious."
      -- (Tennessean)
"A triumph."
      -- (New Times, Kansas City)
"Packs a fresh, solid punch. The audience was swept up into the story."
      -- (Sun Newspapers)
"A masterpiece."
      -- (The Observer, Nashville)

Thomas Clark, director, describes the show :
This play is the story of a teenage Christian girl of the modern world with no interest in history and ignorant of it's relevance to today's world. Then, after losing consiousness in an accident gets the chance to learn about history and how it resonates through today's world when she goes back to 1942, Nazi occupied Paris, as a Jewish teenager. I found this to be a truly wonderful play that is both humorous and sad.
Small Disclaimer: Most of the historical aspects of this play are factual. However some fictional license was taken with regards to Nicole's meeting with Anne Frank and to the way Anne Frank dies.

For more information about the play and the surrounding history, please visit the following web sites:

Published by Dramatic Publishing, Inc.

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Nicole Burns
   /Nicole Bernhardt:
Millie Newell
Little Bit Burns
   /Liz-Bette Bernhardt:
Madison Kelso
Suzanne Lee
   /Suzanne LeBeau:
Sarah Burns
Mimi Baker
   /Mimi Poulin:
Julia Dickinson
Jack Polin
   /Jacques Poulin:
Brandon Thrash
Eddie Valley
   /Edouard Vallee:
Dylan Ashcroft-Ross
Mary Burns: Jan McKillip
David Berg
   /David Ginsberg:
Blake Erickson
Chrissy Gullett
   /Christina Goulet:
Amelia Fuller
Renee Zooms
   /Renee Bernhardt:
Sherryl Watkins
John Urkin
   /Jean Bernhardt:
Jack Larsen
Anne Frank: Candace Standridge
Student/Paramedic/Nazi: Marshall Watts
and Aaron Holt
Director: Thomas Clark
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Producer: Gene Forsyth,
and Kristi Clark
Lights/Sound: Dave McKillip
Props: Mary Hill and
Ann Wilson
Costumes: Linda Rickel,
and the Cast
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Dressing: Jan McKillip,
Kristi Clark,
Thomas Clark,
Bill Schuler,
and Karla Parker Ross
Set Construction: Mark Britton,
Jim Cunningham,
Ray Johnson,
Mary Jane Cunningham,
Bob Stout,
Dave Cambell,
Jan McKillip,
Dave McKillip,
and Nyle Cearlock
Publicity: Gene Forsyth,
Margaret Forsyth,
Ray Johnson,
Thomas Clark,
and Karla Parker Ross
Box Office: Margaret Forsyth
and her wonderful volunteers
Acknowledgements & Thanks
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Dunninger and Kreskin Posters: Karla Parker Ross
Program Printing: Hot Springs Printing
Media: Jerry Jones,
KQUS radio,
KLAZ radio,
KVRE radio,
KZNG radio,
KALR radio,
Resort TV Cable (Ch. 5),
Hot Springs Village Voice,
The Sentinel-Record,
The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette,
Arts Central,
The Springs Magazine,
The Malvern Dialy Record,
The Daily Siftings Herald (Arkadelphia),
and Hot Springs Advertising & Promotion
Digital Photography: Kristi Clark and
Thomas Clark