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Radio T.B.S Last Modified: Monday, November 03, 2008
Radio T.B.S
(Trailer Park Broadcasting Scandals)
by Mark Landon Smith
Directed by Thomas Clark
February 2003

From Baker's Plays:

Radio hostesses and society doyennes Vesta Poteet Dixie Mandrell bring to you the comings and goings of the activities in and around The Luna Del Mar Manufactured Home Oasis and Monkey Empire -- very few of the monkeys are contagious. And what a jumpin' place this trailer park is. From the author of Faith County, Evening of Culture and A Dickens' Christmas Carol.

Thomas Clark, director, describes the show: This play is a light-hearted look at southern stereotypes from Elvis fanatics to religious fanatics, from beauty contestants to "the undesirable element". Although the primary focus is on humor, the play also has an underlying message about judging people by appearances. This combination of zany humor with a message makes this play worth seeing.

Published by Baker's Plays.

2003's "Season of Laughter" was dedicated to the memory of Elva Hansen. She will be greatly missed!

Suzi Dennis as Vesta Poteet Jan McKillip as Dixie Mandrell

Courtney Regen as Missy Goode Linda Rickel as Mary Eunice Wheaton Our Cast
Vesta Poteet: Suzi Dennis
Dixie Mandrell: Jan McKillip
Missy Goode: Courtney Regen
Mary Eunice Wheaton: Linda Rickel
Harlene Akers: Kristi Clark
Alveeta McClay: Carol Baillie
Pauline Felts: Mary Hill
Mayola Felts: Doug Showalter
Madge Huskey: Sherryl Watkins
Imogene Hurst: Miranda Price
Our Crew
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Director: Thomas Clark
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Mark Britton, Jim Cunningham, Ray Johnson, Dave Campbell, Jeani & Nyle Cearlock, Dave McKillip, Jim Stout, John Howell
Set Artwork: Bill Schuler
Lighting/Sound Design: Dave McKillip
Props: Ray Johnson, Mark Britton
Costumes: The Cast, Gayla's Costumes, Benton, and Hot Springy Dingy
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Box Office: Diane Hayes and her Volunteers
Season Tickets: Margaret Forsyth
Program Printing: Five Star Printing
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Microphone Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Digital Photography: Thomas & Kristi Clark
Elvis Sock Puppet Design/Construction:
Amanda Davis of Slickglass
Heating System Repair: Mike Hardage's Heating & Air Conditioning
Webmaster: Thomas Clark & John Lukas
Kristi Clark as Harlene Akers Carol Baillie as Alveeta McClay Mary Hill as Pauline Felts Doug Showalter as Mayola Felts
Sherryl Watkins as Madge Huskey Miranda Price as Imogene Hurst OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO:
Hot Springs Village Voice
The Sentinel-Record
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette
KQUS 97.5 FM Hot Springs Country Radio
KVRE 92.9 FM Hot Springs Village Nostalgia Radio
KLAZ 105.9 FM Hot Springs Pop Contempory Hit Radio
KZNG 1340 AM Hot Springs News/Talk Radio
KALR 91.5 FM Hot Springs Religious Radio
Channel 5
Jerry Jones
Hanna at Hot Springy Dingy
Beth Westbrook

The "Girls" of Radio T.B.S.

This is original artwork by our very own Suzi Dennis (Vesta Poteet)! It was framed with the mat signed by all the cast members and presented to the director at the end of the run. The director greatly appreciates their thoughtfulness as well as their talent and hard work.