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Painting Churches Last Modified: Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Painting Churches
by Tina Howe
Directed by Bill Schuler
November 2003 in the Arlington Hotel Crystal Ballroom


In this wonderful comic drama, Gardner and Fanny Church are preparing to move out of their Beacon Hill house to their summer cottage on Cape Cod. Gardner, once a famous poet, now is retired. He slips in and out of senility as his wife Fanny valiantly tries to keep them both afloat. They have asked their daughter, Mags, to come home and help them move. Mags agrees, for she hopes as well to finally paint their portrait. She is now on the verge of artistic celebrity herself and hopes, by painting her parents, to come to terms with them-and they with her. As the boxes are packed, old memories are re-awakened and this unlikely trio comes to grips with their past, present, and future. Mags triumphs in the end as Fanny and Gardner actually step through the frame and become a work of art-ineffable and timeless. What emerges is a family portrait {literally and figuratively} that is zany, heartwarming, heartbreaking and true.

''Beautifully written. . . . A theatrical family portrait that has the shimmer and depth of Renoir portraits.''-N.Y. Times.

''A radiant, loving and zestfully humorous play . . . distinctly Chekhovian. Howe captures the same edgy surface of false hilarity, the same unutterable sadness beneath it, and the indomitable valor beneath both.''-Time.

Published by Samuel French.

This was our first Arlington Hotel production.

First Arlington Performance!

Marian Crowder as Fanny Church Cast
Fanny Church: Marian Crowder
Gardner Church: Chris Biagini
Margaret Church: Courtney Regen
Our Crew
Director: Bill Schuler
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Mark Britton, Ray Johnson,
Jim & Mary Jane Cunningham, Dave Campbell, Nyle Cearlock, Bob Stout, Jan & Dave McKillip, Bill Schuler
Lights/Sound: Dave McKillip
Original Recording Scripts: Bill Schuler
Voices on Recordings: Karla & Julia Ross,
Marian Crowder, Chris Biagini, Courtney Regan & Bill Schuler
Props: Marion Morey
Costumes & Backstage: Kip Waldo
Publicity: Gene & Margaret Forsyth,
Ray Johnson, Tom Clark,
Karla Parker Ross
Program Design: Dave Mckillip
Digital Photography: Thomas & Kristi Clark
Webmaster: Tom Clark & John Lukas
Chris Biagini as Gardner Church

Courtney Regen as Margaret Church

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