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Murder Can Be Habit Forming Last Modified: Monday, November 03, 2008
Murder Can Be Habit Forming
by Billy St. John
Directed by Dan McCraw
May 2003

From Pioneer Drama Service:

When a busload of passengers is stranded by a blizzard in upstate New York, they find their way to an old mansion in the woods, now St. Mary's Convent, where the Reverend Mother Mary Cecilia provides them lodging for the night. Unfortunately, she soon realizes that among her guests is likely to be a serial killer known as "the Mary Murderer" whose victims are all named Mary! Though most of the sisters have been stranded in Buffalo, the four nuns remaining with her all have the first name Mary, as do two of the women on the bus. To add to the list of potential victims, one passenger is a flamboyant actress whose TV character is named Mary and another is a retired school teacher who was formerly... you guessed it! ... a nun named Mary! Before the night is over, the killer strikes! Which person from the bus could be the Mary Murderer? The college professor? The newspaper columnist? The bus driver? Luckily, police detective Patrick McDougal was also on the bus and takes charge of solving the case. Providing as many laughs as chills, Murder Can Be Habit-Forming is a light-hearted mystery comedy that reveals the very human side of the nuns as they attempt to stay one step ahead of the killer.

Published by Pioneer Drama Service, Inc..

2003's "Season of Laughter" was dedicated to the memory of Elva Hansen. She will be greatly missed!

Kristi Clark as Reverend Mother Mary Cecelia Donna Draper as Sister Mary Martin

Linda Rickel as Sister Mary Agatha Audra Jackson as Sister Mary Margaret Janette Patterson as Sister Mary Thomas Our Cast
Radio Announcer: Bill Schuler
The Right Reverend Mother
Mary Cecelia: Kristi Clark
The Nuns
Sister Mary Martin: Donna Draper
Sister Mary Agatha: Linda Rickel
Sister Mary Margaret: Audra Jackson
Sister Mary Thomas: Janette Patterson
The Handyman
Herman: Jerry Longinotti
The Bus Driver
Willard Patterson: Thomas Clark
The Passengers
Lt. Patrick McDougal: John Crawford
Erika Kincaid: Ann Wilson
Dr. David Lewis: James Cunningham
Mary Bishop: Mary Varnedore
Jerome Stacy: Ray Johnson
Torch: Rhen Wilson
Laura Evans: Kip Waldo
Mary Adams: Karina Means
The Late Arrival
Ryan Wallace: Aaron Holt
Our Crew
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Director: Dan McCraw
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Mark Britton, Jim Cunningham, Ray Johnson, Dave Campbell, Nyle Cearlock, Jim Stout, Bill Tanzyus, Walter Dodson
Lighting Design: Walter Dodson
Sound: Nick Mueller
Props: Mike Patterson
Costumes: The Cast
Publicity: Gene Forsyth
Box Office: Diane Hayes and her Volunteers
Season Tickets: Margaret Forsyth
Program Printing: Five Star Printing
Program Design: Dave McKillip
Nun Graphic Design: Thomas Clark
Digital Photography: Thomas & Kristi Clark
Webmaster: Thomas Clark & John Lukas
Thomas Clark as Willard Patterson John Crawford as Lt. Patrick McDougal Ann Wilson as Erika Kinkaid
James Cunningham as Dr. David Lewis Denise Varnedore as Mary Bishop OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO:
Hot Springs Village Voice
The Sentinel-Record
The Arkansas Democrat Gazette
KQUS 97.5 FM Hot Springs Country Radio
KVRE 92.9 FM Hot Springs Village Nostalgia Radio
KLAZ 105.9 FM Hot Springs Pop Contempory Hit Radio
KZNG 1340 AM Hot Springs News/Talk Radio
KALR 91.5 FM Hot Springs Religious Radio
Channel 5
Jerry Jones
Isabelle Peregrin
John Lovett
Dave Campbell
Jan McKillip
Steve Burns
Caleb Conrad
National Park Medical Center
St. John the Babtist Catholic Church
Ray Johnson as Jerome Stacy
Rhen Wilson as Torch
Kip Waldo as Laura Evans
Karina Means as Mary Adams
Aaron Holt as Ryan Wallace


Hot Springs - Sister Mary Thomas has run off with prop man Mike Patterson. Witnesses believe Mr. Patterson charmed the sister into leaving St. Mary's to start a wild life of power plant construction. Further details as they become available.