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To Kill a Mockingbird
A full length play by Chrisopher Sergel
Based upon the novel by Harper Lee
Directed by Janet Fisher Collum
October 2000


From the Dramatic Publishing Company:

Scout, a young girl in a quiet southern town, is about to experience the dramatic events that will affect the rest of her life. She and her brother, Jem, are being raised by their widowed father, Atticus, and by a strongminded housekeeper, Calpurnia. Wide-eyed Scout is fascinated with the sensitively revealed people of her small town, but, from the start, there's a rumble of thunder just under the calm surface of the life here. The black people of the community have a special feeling about Scout's father and she doesn't know why. A few of her white friends are inexplicably hostile and Scout doesn't understand this either. Unpleasant things are shouted and the bewildered girl turns to her father. Atticus, a layer, explains that he's defending a young Negro wrongfully accused of a grave crime. Since this is causing such an upset, Scout wants to know why he's doing it. "Because if I didn't," her father replies, "I couldn't hold my head up." When she asks why take on such a hopeless fight—the time of the play is 1935—he tells her, "Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason not to try." He goes on to prepare Scout for the trouble to come. "We're fighting our friends. But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they're still our friends." Things do get bitter—to the point where Atticus props himself in a chair against the cell door of the man he's defending and confronts an angry mob. Horrified Scout projects herself into this confrontation, and her inconvenient presence helps bring back a little sanity. Atticus fights his legal battle with a result that is part defeat, part triumph. As Atticus comes out of the courthouse, the deeply moved town minister tells Scout, "Stand up. Your father's passing!"

Published by Dramatic Publishing.

Role Actor
Jean Louis Finch (Scout): Sally Nicolosi
Jeremy Finch (Jim): Jordan Maestas
Atticus Finch: John Citron
Calpurnia: Shalyta Nolen
Maudie Atkinson: Jan McKIllip
Stephanie Crawford: Sherryl Watkins
Mrs. Dubose: Marge Chapple
Arthur Radley (Boo): T.J. Griffin
Charles Harris (Dill): Seth Maestas
Heck Tate: Jerry Longinotti
Court Clerk: Shawn Davis
Sister Sykes: Diane Hayes
Mayella Ewell: Lauren Swearingen
Bob Ewell: Frank Schultz
Walter Cunningham: Andrew Ross
Mr. Gilmer: Anthony Nicolosi
Tom Robinson: Sammy Stephens, Jr.
Judge Taylor: Ray Johnson
Town Folk: Gene Forsyth
Bill Schuler
Producer: Bill Schuler and
Gene Forsyth
Director: Janet Fisher Collum
Asst. Dir./Stage Manager: Robert L. Simpson
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Ray Johnson,
Bill Tanzyus,
Robert Carpenter,
Jim Cunningham,
Bill Schuler,
Mary Lee Kennis,
Walter Dodson,
Jan McKillip,
Tiffany Younts,
Don Russell,
Jean Russell, and
Mark Britton
Lighting Design: Walter Dodson
Sound Design: Walter Dodson
Props: Marge Chapple
Sister Sykes Costume: Frankie Rundell
Publicity: Bill Schuler
Office Manager: Margaret Forsyth
Program Printing: Five Star Printing
Program Design: Lisa Wood,
Dave McKillip, and
Jan McKillip
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Webmaster: John Lukas

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