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Rashomon Last Modified: Saturday, October 25, 2008
by Michael and Fay Kanin
Directed by Bill Schuler
February 2000


From Samuel French, Inc.:

The famous stories of Akutagawa were adapted for Broadway for Claire Bloom, Rod Steiger, Akim Tamiroff, and Oscar Homolka. The wife of a Samurai officer is assaulted and her husband killed by a roving bandit. Contradictory versions of what happened are reenacted at the trial by the bandit, the wife and the dead husband who speaks through a sorceress. Each version is true in its fashion.

"Delicate and dynamic, sensitive and savage, packed with color, suspense and seamy wit. A triumph of stagecraft." N.Y. Mirror.

"Rashomon is pure art of the theatre. Out of a legend, it conjures a mood. No one need despair of a commercial theatre that can deal in elusive materials with so much delicacy, expertness and charm." N.Y. Times.

Published by Samuel French.

Kicking off our eighth year with our 35th play, the Pocket Theatre is proud to present Rashomon, a play set in ancient Japan. The play originally premiered on Broadway.

"All things are the same, the eye of the individual changes them."

Chris Biagini as Priest

Daniel Edwards as Woodcutter Marian Crowder as Wigmaker
Role Actor
Priest: Chris Biagini
Woodcutter: Daniel Edwards
Wigmaker: Marian Crowder
Deputy: John Anderson
Bandit: Andrew Ross
Husband: Anthony Nicolosi
Wife: Maya Winn
Mother: Judith Greer
Medium: Karma Nagin
Our Crew
Producer: Gene Forsyth
Director: Bill Schuler
Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Carol Albee
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Ray Johnson,
Robert Carpenter,
Chris Biagini,
Bill Schuler,
Jim Cunningham,
Robert Simpson, and
Carol Scholp
Artwork: Mark Britton and
Bill Schuler
Costume Design: Susan Oehlers
Seamstresses: Bev Priest and
Della Mahaffey
Makeup: Sherry Howle
Overtures: Chris Biagini
Prop Management: Robert Simpson
Lighting Director: Walter Dodson
Sound: Ray Johnson
Publicity: Hank Deutsch and
Bill Schuler
Office: Margaret Forsyth and a band of Merry Workers
Program: Lisa Wood
Swordmaster: John Anderson
Recording: Niles Ellis
Lobby Flowers: Nan Mitchell
Webmaster: John Lukas
John Anderson as Deputy Andrew Ross as Bandit Anthony Nicolosi as Husband Maya Winn as Wife
Judith Greer as Mother Karma Nagin as Medium OUR SPECIAL THANKS TO:
Warren and Jean Bankston
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