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Too Soon For Daisies 1997 Last Modified: Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Too Soon For Daisies
by William Dinner and William Morom
Directed by Mark Britton
April 1997


For such a small, out-of-the-way place, a picturesque waterfront village attracts some very interesting but peculiar drifters, including three elderly ladies who just happen to be on the run. Too Soon For Daisies is a dark and poignant comedy about three somewhat eccentric but determined women who have been cast off by society but aren't quite ready to be put out to pasture. Mrs. Gray longs for love and a home, Mrs. Philpots dreams of becoming a published author and Mrs. Boggs, ...well, she's honest but you have to watch her. They conceal a dark and horrifying secret about their charming little cottage that if revealed will upset all of their plans to grow old... ungracefully.

Then a visitor arrives who claims to be the owner of he house. He dies suddenly of a heart attack, and the women decide to lay his body to rest at the bottom of an unused well and carry on as the new owners of the house. Complications ensue with the arrival of a young woman who has come to meet her uncle at his new home. Then the fun really begins.

The story line draws reference to Guy Fawkes, who most British schoolchildren know as the Catholic revolutionary who led an unsuccessful plan to blow up King James I and Parliament on Nov 5, 1605. Today, throughout Britain, the Gunpowder Plot is celebrated by hanging Guy Fawkes in effigy every Nov 5.

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Role Actor
Freda Gray: Judith Greer
Joy Philpotts: Marion Crowder
Edie Boggs: Pat Yaeger
Paul Vanderbloom: Mark Britton
Doctor John Hunter: Don Russell
Jackie Jackson: Amanda Homan
Joe Pollop: Terry Dickinson
A Policeman: Matt Blackstone
Our Crew
Director: Mark Britton
Stage Manager: Jean Russell
Lights and Sound: Jan McKillip
Dave McKillip
Gene Forsyth
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set and Construction Crew: Bill Tanzyus
Jim Dodd
Mark Britton
John Dennis
Back Drop Painter: Terry Dickinson
House: Elva Hansen
Props: Bud Morrson
Roth Andregg
Matt Blackstone
Terry Dickinson
Costumes: Kay Campbell and Cast
Lobby Artist: Millie Steveken
Concessions: Alice Anderson and Friends
Posters and Programs: William G. White
Publicity: Hank Deutsch
Webmaster: John Lukas
Rev. and Mrs. Walter Smith
Bill and Suzie Humphries
Jim Dodd
Richard Frye
Tyman Hampshire
Ansel Greer
Alice Anderson
Worthen Bank
McCoys Building Supply Center
The Arkansas Times
The Jackson House Hot Springs

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