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Meanwhile, Back on the Couch 1997 Last Modified: Thursday, December 18, 2008
Meanwhile, Back on the Couch
by Jack Sharkey
Directed by Maya Winn
January - February, 1997


From Samuel French:

Psychiatrist Victor Karleen is financially pressed between the rental of his posh office apartment and his fiancee's expensive tastes. A colleague has written a best selling case history book and is now rolling in royalties. Good friend Parker Donnelly has rejected Victor's similar work because the public is tired of such things and prefers torrid fiction. Needing cash, Victor reluctantly takes on a new patient who, due to love frustration, is grinding out a rip roaring sex novel. By mistake, his nurse gives the patient's manuscript to Donnelly believing it to be Victor's work. Suddenly Victor has an enormous advance royalty check, a Book of the Month Club selection and a potential Pulitzer prize. When he discovers that it is his patient's inviolate confidences and not his clinical casebook that has saved the day, Victor determines to keep his patient crazy until he dreams up the final chapter. It's fast paced, hilarious and zany.

Published by Samuel French.

Role Actor
Gabrielle Wingate: Angela Spradley
Roy Terrigan: Jerry Longinotti
Charlotte Hennebon: Suzi Dennis
Victor Karleen: Bart Rankin
Parker Donnelly: John Crawford
Albert Brock: David Halbert
Dorothea Melnik: Sarah Danley
Jingle Jabinski: Amanda Homan
Our Crew
Director-Set Design: Maya Winn
Stage Manager: Mark Britton
Light and Sound Design: Jan McKillip
Dave McKillip
Assistant Light Crew: Jon Citron
Gene Forsyth
Adam Donley
Rhonda Bain
Set Crew: Bill Tanzyus
Jim Dodd
Mark Britton
Construction Crew: Jim Dodd
John Dennis
Mark Britton
Bob Annett
House: Elva Hansen
Jim Ploss
Carolyn Dodd
Alice Anderson
Linda Kercado
Barbara White
Betty Sowrie
Costumes: Kay Campbell
Props: Margaret Wetsel
June Johnson
Lobby Artist: Ethel Burton
Concessions: Jan McKillip
Heather Hennigan
Georgia Citron
Posters and Programs: Bill White
Webmaster: John Lukas

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