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A Nite of One-Acts and Entertainment 1997 Last Modified: Wednesday, February 18, 2009
A Nite of One-Acts and Entertainment
Pre-Show Music
Don Russell, piano
Doug McCall, drums
Pat Hightower, vocal


So Nice Not to See You
by Fred Carmichael
Directed by Jan McKillip


From Samuel French:

Perfect for women's clubs, this comedy solves the perennial problem of what to do when uninvited guest show up at your vacation home. An author and her secretary are trying to get some work finished in their Bahamas retreat when two "friends of friends" descend on them. They put on an act that sends the visitors off to the nearest hotel. Hilarious situations and sparkling dialogue.

Published by Samuel French.


Special Acts
Gordon Grunke as Foster Brooks
Pat Hightower in My Simple Wish
Jan McKillip in Fanny Flagg's Theatre Review
Grant Ludder, Magician Extraordinaire
Surprise Guest in Grocery Store Check Out
Pat Yaeger in a Charlie Chaplin Pantomime


The Breaking of Bread
by William Watson
Directed by Lewis Mathews


From Baker's Plays:

Across the desolate clearing, two soldiers call cautiously, challengingly, back and forth. Mere boys and sole survivors of their respective companies, Rep and Yankee agree to a desperate bargain: A life for a loaf of bread! The foes will lay down their guns for the moment, sit down together, break the stale crust of bread and share it. Afterward, they will again take up their rifles and face each other across the clearing in a final showdown.

Published by Baker's Plays.

August 1997

This was our first benefit performance.

So Nice Not to See You
Role Actor
Kit Baxter: Suzi Dennis
Jane Addy: Chana Stallman
Carla Johnson: Sherryl Watkins
Laura Shane: Kathy Andregg
Florence Wilkenson: Marilyn Powers
Jeniella: Elva Hansen
Gena Collingworth: Joanne Hasper
The Breaking of Bread
Role Actor
Yankee Soldier: Lewis Mathews
Rebel Soldier: Heath Mathews
Betty Fancher at Channel 5
Carolyn Cobern
Ginger Dempsy at KZBR
Russ Norman, Piano Tuning
Heather Henigan
Suzi and Bill Hummphries
Alice Anderson
Opan and Bill Tanzyus
Jim and Carolyn Dodd
Suzi and John Dennis
Jan and Dave McKillip
Don and Jean Russell
Robert Carpenter
Barbara and William G. White
The Sentinel-Record
Susan Gobel
The Bailey Corporation
Nearly New
Robert McGrath
Bernice Maxwell
Margaret and Gene Forsyth
The Arkansas Times
Bob and Linda Kercado
Hot Springs Village Voice
LaVilla News
Diana Japenga
Sharon Britton
Local Piggly Wiggly Stores
Della Makaffey
Jessie Provins
Tom Sweetser

Our sincere apology to all those whom we inadvertantly omitted.

A special thanks to ALL of those who have worked so hard to make Pocket Theatre the success it is!!