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Love Rides the Rails Last Modified: Sunday, November 02, 2008
Love Rides the Rails
by Morland Cary
Directed by Ovella Hall
July, 1996


From Dramatists Play Service:

The villianous Simon Darkway seeks to control the Walker Valley, Pine Bush & Pacific R.R. for his own vile purposes. Assisting him are Dirk Sneath, a viper of a man, and Carlotta Cortez, the sultry siren with a heart of gold. Fortunately, the gallant Truman Pendennis, the beauteous Prudence Hopewell, the Widow Hopewell, and staunch Harold Standfast oppose the sinister schemes of this wicked trio. Swiftly and hilariously, the classic melodramatic plot unfolds, leading to a tremendous climax when the hero is inescapably bound by the villains to the tracks of an onrushing train. Thankfully, it is our heroine who arrives just in the nick of time to stop the train and save the day. And now, with virtue at last triumphant, the evildoers get their just deserts.

Published by Dramatists Play Service.

This was a reprise of our very first show, performed in 1992.

Role Actor
Mrs. Hopewell: Elva Hansen
Prudence Hopewell: Sherry (English) Mathews
Simon Darkway: Bob Kercado
Tom Phillips
Truman Pendennis: Lewis Mathews
Harold Stanfast: *Chris Powers
Dirk Sneath: *Zack Powers
Carlotta Cortez: Maya Winn
Fifi: Michelle Michau
Jamie Phillips
Fred Wheelwright: Jerry Longinotti
Dani: *Jackie Stuelke
Beulah Belle: *Marilyn Powers
Officer: *Kyle Fore
Tom Phillips
Railroad Workers: *Brooke English
Kyle Fore
Bill White
Barbara White
* New to this production of Love Rides the Rails.
Our Crew
Director: Ovella Hall
Assistant Director: Linda Kercado
Stage Manager: B. Tom Phillips
Props: Kathy Andregg
Set Design/Construction: Mark Britton
Bill Tanzyus
Lights: Dave and Jan McKillup
Tickets/House Manager: Elva Hansen
Jean Russell
Publicity: Linda Kercado
Makeup: Leon Dillard
Joanie Wall
Robert McGrath
Program: William G. White
Concessions: Poppa's Corn
Webmaster: John Lukas

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