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The Hand That Cradles The Rock 1995 Last Modified: Friday, January 23, 2009
The Hand That Cradles The Rock
by Warren Graves
Directed by Mark Britton
July 1995


From Samuel French:

When Ross Cameron's first novel sold his wife Alex gave up interior design to become a mother. When his second novel is rejected, Alex returns to the working world and he stays home to watch the baby. Female assertiveness and a male's fears for his masculinity have never been funnier than in this popular summer stock and dinner theater comedy that plays the role reversal theme from every angle.

"A good, funny play . . . racy and comic." Peterborough Examiner, Ontario

"An outrageously funny farce. . . . A grand evening of good theatre and a sure cure for the blues." Standard, St. Catherine, Ontario

Published by Samuel French.

Lewis Mathews plays Ross Cameron
Role Actor
Ross Cameron: Lewis Mathews
Alexandra Cameron: Maya Winn
Betty Cooper: Jan McKillip
George Withers: John Crawford
Carolyn Bricker: Lysa Lawless
Narration: Robert McGrath
Our Crew
Director: Mark Britton
Stage Manager: Mark Britton
Costumes: Jane Goldman
Elva Hansen
Susan Gobel
Makeup & Wigs: Robert McGrath
Joan Wall
Property Manager: Kathy Andregg
Tiffany Younts
Publicity, Posters, & P.R. Photos: Linda Kercado
Set Design: Mark Britton
Set Construction: Mark Britton
Bill Tanzyus
Jan McKillip
Sound: Mark Britton
Heather Henigan
Linda Kercado
Lighting: Dave McKillip
Bob Kercado
Programs: Dave McKillip
House Manager: Linda Kercado
Reception Caterer: Linda Kercado
House & Concessions: Bob Kercado
Jackie Stuelke
Sharon Britton
Opal Tanzyus
Marge Chapple
Bill & Barbara White
Webmaster: John Lukas
John Crawford plays George Withers Lysa Lawless plays Carolyn Bricker

Jane Bowie & The Outlet Stores
Robert Carpenter
Larry at McCoys Building Supply Center
Irene Ragsdale
Lysa Lawless
Heather & Jim Henigan
Paul Wineland
Arkansas Wholesale Luxary Carpet
Hubbards Greenhouse
Carol & Roger Richards
Hot Springy Dingy - Hanna Mills
Christway Amity Church
The Sentinel-Record - Karen Erickson

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