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Fool's Paradise 1995 Last Modified: Sunday, January 25, 2009
Fool's Paradise
by Peter Coke
Directed by Mark Britton, Tiffany Younts, and Elva Hansen
April 1995


From Samuel French:

Jane and Catherine have an antique cluttered house, unpaid bills, and a memory of marriage to the same man, now deceased. His will states they can live in the house if they don't sell its contents. They discover some jewels and a wily antique dealer gets them to accept a down payment and from then on everything they do to rectify matters gets them in deeper. The dealer's check is sent to one of their many creditors, The Revenue Service, and they accept money from a lady to pay back the dealer. When the dealer returns he tricks them again with another check as a "deposit" on the furniture. Then another woman claims the jewels. With mounting illegalities, Jane impersonates a third wife of the deceased. The dealer is about to call the police when the other two women reenter, bidding so furiously for the jewels that the price they fetch gets Jane and Catherine well out of debt.

"Aboundingly funny." London Sunday Times.

Published by Samuel French.

Mark Britton as Julius Caxton

Elva Hansen as Rosa
Role Actor
Julius Caxton: Mark Britton
Rosa: Elva Hansen
Susan Dawson: Maya Winn
Catherine Hayling: Joanne Hasper
Jane Hayling: Jan McKillip
Philip Hayling: Shannon Lee Cates
Fiona Renshaw: Angela Spradley
Brigette Blair: Tiffany Younts
Our Crew
Director: Mark Britton
Tiffany Younts
Elva Hansen
Stage Manager: Heather Henigan
Costumes: Jane Goldman
Elva Hansen
Susan Gobel
Makeup & Wigs: Robert McGrath
Joan Wall
Property Manager: Kathy Andregg
Pat Alpe
June Johnson
Publicity, Posters, & P.R. Photos: Linda Kercado
Set Design & Construction: Mark Britton
Bill Tanzyus
Heather Henigan
Jan McKillip
Dave McKillip
Lighting: Dave McKillip
Programs: Dave McKillip
House Manager: Linda Kercado
Reception Caterer: Linda Kercado
House and Concessions: Bob Kercado
Sharon Britton
Opal Tanzyus
Bill & Barbara White
Webmaster: John Lukas
Maya Winn as Susan Dawson Joanne Hasper as Catherine Hayling Jan McKillip as Jane Hayling
Shannon Lee Cates as Philip Hayling Angela Spradley as Fiona Renshaw Tiffany Younts as Brigette Blair THANK YOU:
Jane Bowie & The Outlet Stores
Robert Carpenter
Jean Carpenter
Ron Smith
Larry at McCoys Building Supply Center
Henry & Joanne Hasper
Irene Ragsdale
Heather & Jim Henigan
Lynn Napier
Robert Annette
Hancock Fabrics Hot Springs
The Sentinel-Record - Karen Erickson
Hot Springs Village Voice
The Senior Edition
La Villa News

Special Thanks To

Antiques furnished by Anne Sandifer
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Herwig

Our sincere apology to all those whom we inadvertantly omitted.

A special thanks to ALL of those who have worked so hard to make Pocket Theatre the success it is!!

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