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Last of the Red Hot Lovers 1994 Last Modified: Saturday, February 14, 2009
Last of the Red Hot Lovers
by Neil Simon
Directed by Elva Hansen
February 1994


From Samuel French:

Middle-aged and married, overworked and overweight, Barney Cashman wants to join the sexual revolution before it's too late and arranges three seductions: the first, Elaine Navazio proves to be a foul-mouthed bundle of neuroses; Bobbi Michele is next, a 20-ish actress who's too kooky by half; finally comes September and Jeanette Fisher, a gloomy, depressed housewife who happens to be married to Barney's best friend.

"Mr. Simon has created a great character is extraordinarily funny and yet also witty as ever, perhaps wittier." -N.Y. Times

"Delightfully hilarious and witty, as well as filled with wisdom about human uproariously funny author. But he is far more than that. He has a mellow and compassionate understanding of how weak and essentially well meaning mankind behaves... a genuinely brilliant play."-N.Y. Post

Published by Samuel French.

Bob Kercado as Barney Cashman

Marilyn Powers as Elaine Navazio
In order of appearance
Role Actor
Barney Cashman: Bob Kercado
Elaine Navazio: Marilyn Powers
Bobbi Michele: Angela R. Spradley
Jeanette Fisher: Jean Carpenter
Our Crew
Director: Elva Hansen
Assistant Director: Mark Britton
Stage Manager: Mark Britton
Property Manager: Marge Chapple
Set Design: Mark Britton
Production Crew: Walter Williams
Chris Powers
Mercedes Lash
Publicity: Linda Kercado
Program: Linda Kercado
Photography: Linda Kercado
House: Linda Kercado
Concessions: Linda Kercado
Webmaster: John Lukas
Angela Spradley as Bobbi Michele Jean Carpenter as Jeanette Fisher

Jane Bowie and the Hot Springs Factory Outlet Stores
Judy Bond
7 South Hardware
Hanna Mills & Hot Springy Dingy
Buffy's Cafeteria
Joe Sawrie
Walter Williams
Tom Sweetzer
Bob Kercado
H. B. Gill

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