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Curse You Jack Dalton Last Modified: Sunday, November 02, 2008
Curse You Jack Dalton
by Wilbur Braun
Directed by Elva Hansen
May-August, 1993


From the Dramatic Publishing Company:

And the villain still pursues her! Not only pursues her but threatens to have her committed to an asylum if she does not renounce our manly hero, Jack Dalton! You've never encountered such a villain as Egbert Van Horn. Or a heroine with such flawless qualities as Bertha Blair's. When Jack's aristocratic mother discovers her illustrious son loves the maid, she orders Bertha from the house and threatens to disown Jack for life if he takes his place at Bertha's side. Just when you are certain that the unscrupulous villain is going to triumph, Fate steps in.

Published by Samuel French.

This was our first melodrama production in a tent.

In order of appearance
Role Actor
Mrs. Dalton: Marge Chapple
Pat Bennett
Bea Tharp
Anna Alvarado: Jennifer Rowe
Susan Lascaro
Kristy ?
Bertha Blair: Dawn Cattaneo
Marie Jones
Jack Dalton: Todd McDonald
Rusty Barnes
Egbert VanHorn: Bob Kercado
Robert Copley
Eloise Dalton: Ginger Harris
Clare Stark
Richard Dalton: Jef Bradley
Understudies: Jennifer Rowe
Jef Bradley
Mark Britton
Linda Kercado
Our Crew
Director: Elva Hansen
Assistant Director: Mark Britton
Linda Kercado
Stage Manager: Anna Contreras
Assistant Stage Manager: Marie Jones
Donna Leach
Chuck Leach
Set Design and Construction: Mark Britton
Walter Williams
Bob Kercado
Linda Kercado
Costumes: Hanna Mills and Hot Springy Dingy
Publicity: Linda Kercado
Program: Linda Kercado
Webmaster: John Lukas

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